Proof of Work Summit - Prague, Sep 25-27

I am not sure whether or not this post is off-topic here. My apologies if that is the case.

We are holding the first ever Proof of Work conference in Prague this September as a collaboration between the ETC Cooperative and the Litecoin Foundation, seeking to bring together the major POW chains around our common cause. It’s a pluralist conference with a back-to-cypherpunk fundamentals focus.

I tried to engage the ZCash Foundation several months ago, but that withered on the vine. I spoke to the ZCash Community Grants committee as well without any movement and invited Zooko but he politely declined. I contacted a few other ZCash individuals too and have been tweeting up a storm.

We will have Monero representation, LItecoin have MWEB, of course, and we will have Amir Taaki and his darkfi team. I would hate for us to have no representation from the ZCash community purely because “ZCash is planning to move to POS”. Most of the themes are common to all of blockchain.

Phil Zimmermann will be keynoting. Other speakers include Jameson Lopp, Charlie Lee and Charlie Shrem

We are also partnering with HCPP at Paralelni Polis (Institute of Cryptoanarchy) which has a decades-old hacker heritage and broader philosophical topics:

I hope that some of you will come (and that this post is not out of bounds!)


The Trailing Finality Layer: A stepping stone to proof of stake in Zcash - Electric Coin Company

Thanks for sharing! Wont be able to attend unless there is an online component? :zebra:

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I don’t think we will be streaming (but maybe?)
Sessions are all being recorded and will be released over time afterwards.


Thanks for the link.

So yeah, I am aware of the (initally hydrid) POS plans, but am sure that the transition will take years, and is no reason for ZCash people to stay away. Lots of privacy and general cypherpunk topics planned, not just POW-worship.


The timing’s not good, we’re in turmoil…

Feel free to DM me @bobsummerwill

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Well, the world does not stop turning :slight_smile:

Maybe POW Summit is a meeting place IRL for some discussions on ways forward for ZCash if a decent number of ZCashers come? Or maybe it is just a respite from that worry?

Zcash should be there. Why are we hiding the whole time?

Proof of Stake isnt coming to Zcash for at least 5 years. There is not even the begining of a start of moving towards PoS. ECC havnt even done the research yet.

Zcash is a Proof of Work coin until its not.


Something something privacy is on brand! :laughing: