Thorchain+Zcash Bridge

Hey Andre, you mentioned a benefit to Thorchain is having access to $65mn of shielded funds, allowing ZEC owners to participate as a trader or liquidity provider.

Can i clarify that this bridge if built, would also support ZEC in transparent format? If so, it would help with overall ZEC activity in DeFi, which would be a plus.

Hey @ml_sudo, I am proposing for this bridge to be built using the Bitcoin-compatible API and transparent addresses. This approach will reduce the complexity of the integration while still providing privacy for Zcash users.

Note: For this use case, it’s important to support transfers T or Z → T. If a user interacts with the Thorchain bridge from her shielded wallet, no information will be revealed on the blockchain. I believe this could be an important step to improve ZEC activity in DeFi.


ah, got it. so someone could transfer from a Z or T addr, but once on Thor it’s a T addr. the Z → T feature is what provides someone with optional privacy.


I propose that we also explore shielded integration and get someone like @nuttycom to assess how might we use shielded funds–before concluding that transparent funds reduce complexity.

The idea of users staking shielded ZEC, which they’re holding anyway for privacy or long-term-gain tax purposes, is very exciting.


I am going to opt-out of THORChain if I have to opt-out of privacy to use the LP. I was very excited originally reading this proposal, but come to think of it… Using a T address in the equation is some hot garbage privacy.

Please do reconsider, hiring the talent, to properly integrate Zcash’s Z-address to your concept. I mean this with the best intentions and as someone who would have been a liquidity provider of at least 25% of my Zcash portfolio.

Waves DEX already provides similar features for Zcash deposits, but has support for Z-Address withdraws, you would be at a clear disadvantage to your competitors in this field seeing as waves has liquidity investments. Not saying they are as good as the RUNE pairs, but Waves has better privacy and thats where I put my money.

I will happily reconsider Waves > THORChain if the Z-address is fully integrated.

It depends on the developer and community interest. The bridge can give privacy to users. Both communities has to come forward for this.

The bridge provide the ability to transact with spot Zcash in DeFi by directly interacting with the shielded pool. It al depends on the interest of the community.

Zcash mention is missing in this tweet. Any action on integration with Thorchain?

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So is thorchain bridge happening?

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I think what’s missing here is for a developer to apply for funding to do the project.


@holmesworcester - perhaps ZOMG could create a bounty of two weeks worth of effort for someone to research the bridge and then subsequently build it if the idea seemed feasible. The bounty would cover the two weeks of work and the bridge development would be covered under an actual grant.

For background, a person or team applying for this would need Go and Javascript knowledge as well as some familiarity with node operations (Bitcoin or Zcash) and familiarity with the RPC set.

Has ZOMG considered putting out RFPs or something similar to solicit applications for particular projects?


Yes, it has been discussed several times. The part where we get stuck is:

  1. What projects to create RFPs for (there are so many good ones!)
  2. What a reasonable rate should be for the work.
  3. Defining the scope of work for the RFP if we are not experts in the field
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I agree with all of Shawn’s points, and would add that it’s not just about expertise: even creating the documents, getting feedback, etc seems like it might be beyond our capacity at this point.

The original ZF grants system had a notion of “community requests” and I think this makes a lot of sense. That is, if others could write the RFP, we could decide whether or not to fund it as if it were a grant, and then it would sit there until someone applied for it.

If it turns out that we don’t tend to get enough applicants to make discussing and pre-approving RFPs worth it, then we could only consider the RFP once someone has expressed willingness to work on it—i.e. do what we’d do in a normal grant situation: wait for the application.

I think we should try it out in this case! Would someone like to write up the RFP?


It’s nice to read that something g is going on in this side. If this is true:

I guess we’d have Zcash available via Thorchain quicker on quite a few wallets.

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Does the unifying Zcash address make privacy more accessible to thorchain now?

Perhaps this would simplify development?

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Do folks believe this integration will proceed?

We are long term ZEC holders and are definitely interested users.



Hey @Ocam - we’re making great progress on this. Hope to have an update soon.


This would be exceptional on a macro level for integrating and capturing DEFI liquidity.


@aserrano is this being worked on open source? is their a repo for it? thanks.


edit : this was wrote before I read about the unification of the Zaddress, still reforming my interpretation of this system, it is interesting!

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