To use (or not to use) Git to version .zcash folder

Has anybody used version control software with their .zcash folder (or .bitcoin)? I turned a .zcash folder into a git repo. I periodically sync up to the network, stop zcashd, and then git commit.

Worked a few times but then today I get an error:

git status
fatal: bad object HEAD

git fsck --full
error: sha1 mismatch 4c744d0fb85ffff695712ea75d55de9eb03781fe
error: 4c744d0fb85ffff695712ea75d55de9eb03781fe: object corrupt or missing
error: object file .git/objects/f2/7a24ee64214314a2d9cb71a798f462da5adb21 is empty
error: object file .git/objects/f2/7a24ee64214314a2d9cb71a798f462da5adb21 is empty
fatal: loose object f27a24ee64214314a2d9cb71a798f462da5adb21 (stored in .git/objects/f2/7a24ee64214314a2d9cb71a798f462da5adb21) is corrupt

I know Git isn’t great for storing large blobs of binary data (Mercurial is better suited for that task). However while I was prepared for some inefficiency, I did not expect data corruption.