Tor-apt onion service doesn't seem to work

Recently installed apt-transport-tor on my Debian 9 machine and tried to use deb [arch=amd64] tor+http://zcaptnv5ljsxpnjt.onion/ jessie main instead of deb [arch=amd64] jessie main in my zcash.list sources file and when I run apt update, instead of updating packages as it would with the version, it would stop and return an error saying a release file was missing? Does something need to be configured in the zec repos or is there a missing step in the docs?

This could be an issue with Debian 9 instead. We’re in the final stages for support but you might check this thread to see if you can fix your issue with the suggestions there: Installing on Debian Stretch

This actually shouldn’t be a Debian issue. Has anyone else tested installing via Tor lately?

Sorry about the delay, the tor+http://zcaptnv5ljsxpnjt.onion/ endpoint should work for retrieving apt packages over tor.

Please let me know if you still have an issue with strech or jessie packages.

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