Installing on Debian Stretch

Hello everyone,

I just made a fresh install of Debian 9 (Stretch) and wanted to install the Zcash client on my new machine. Installation procedure here says:

"Add the repository to your sources:
echo “deb [arch=amd64] jessie main” | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/zcash.list"

Because Stretch now has become stable, I added the repository to my sources, but replaced “jessie” by “stretch”.

When I started the installation this gave me lots of error messages “could not find yx”

  • How can I run the client on Debian Stretch?
  • Will there soon be a repository for Stretch?
  • Can I replace “jessie” by “stable” in the sources?

Any help would be really appreciated, THANK YOU :slight_smile:

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I just added the repository “deb [arch=amd64] jessie main” on my Debian stretch machine, did an “apt-get update” and installed zcash from that repository. Worked like a charm.

However, I would propose that the repository should be renamed to “deb [arch=amd64] stable main”.

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Can you file a ticket on Github about renaming the apt repository? Thanks.


To be clear, is the binary from safe to run on Debian 9 (“stretch”, “stable”)? While waiting for the official word from the GH ticket #3456, I ask the community… Are many people using the “jessie” .deb on stretch? Or is all users of still running Debian 8 “jessie” (“oldstable”)?

Reconfiguring servers here. I want to finally be rid of the jessie installation I keep only for zcashd, due to the dist being named “jessie”. When using money handling software, I want to be safe. But jessie is too outdated for any other production use here; and jessie is not anymore getting regular updates. It would be nice to get Zcash running on the current Debian stable before upgrade to Zcash 2.0. :wink:

Thanks for any community insights about this.

This is now critical, as there is a code execution vulnerability in the apt updater that is apparently not being fixed in jessie. Therefore, jessie cannot be safely updated anymore!

Is everybody still running zcash on jessie? (Is anybody still running zcash on jessie?) Is stretch officially supported from the repo? I have not seen any documentation of this issue, and it is still “jessie” under dists.

I’m using it on Stretch (9.7), no problems here…

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“jessie” in the description actually means “jessie or later”. I’ll see if we can clarify this somehow.