Transparent Balance

Sense i can’t seem to find out just what Transparent Balance means any place that explains it as a Transparent Balance is :
i Don’t use Linux unless i need to. what does Transparent Balance mean and do i have this much saved up some place I don’t know about 3.72101627 ZEC I disordered the other day using AWESOME Miner, i have all my wallets show what balances i have with it , I asked on twitter and don’t think anyone saw it, so I’'ll ask here ,again what does Transparent Balance mean and do i have 3.72101627 ZEC some place and how do i get it if i do ? …

Transparent balance refers to the total amount a t-address has received, less the total amount sent from it. If you have a wallet with the private keys associated with that address, you should be able to shield that ZEC, sent it to an exchange, or do whatever you wish to do with it.

i=ok i understabd that much then what is this balance or il ask another way is that a mount some place i don’t know about sense that is the only ZEC address i have every had sense day one ?

if that is in fact true what you said i would rather see it like i see my BTC balance or any other wallet i use and you all say you don;t have the time or money to write a Windows wallet then were does that 20 % fee go, I’m sure you get other stuff from proms etc … … don’'t try to explain away that fee I’m sure some one can point out how much that is … if they haven’t all ready… i really don’t care what wallet i use as long as it stays honest …you need to make a living so I’ll get off that subject and not why I’m here … I know i have mind more then 5 Zec and some change sense OCT… but I’ll check on Poloniex sense that is my only ZEC address i have used that i remember using sense day one …

I do have the keys but why did it happen in the first place ? . and please can you show me walk though besides telling me you should be able to shield that ZEC, sent it to an exchange, or do whatever you wish to do with it.
at least the B TC wallet has a windows version with very good support and is well documented and understand able and all the right question are answered the right way … if you are gonna compare them,I’m not trying to bust you chops either …

SO then i have 3 ZEC and some change floating around some place ? if what your saying is true ive only been sent 1 ZEC and some change and i still have 3 ZEC some place to be claimed according to the block chain ? .

it is very confusing

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Transparent Balance

3.72101627 ZEC

Total Sent

1.4996454 ZEC

Total Received
5.22066167 ZEC

yea I tried Jaxx wallet i did some searching the DEV could have offered this one when i asked which i found and got working under windows i need to import keys now I know they don’t support it … and they could have told me a simple yes or no and i would have said thanks … and that was the end of it …I would rather use the one i linked above :slight_smile: … it works under windows using Java which works on any OS which makes Java very useful …I will start using the OFF line wallet and would have day one i don’t like using exchanges as storage’s never have but really had no other way of doing it till now … for Zcash …

Thanks … …