Undisclosed and actively relevant conflicts of interest on the Zcash Foundation Board of Directors

Dear Dodger, thank you so much for quick response — and again, on a weekend! I really appreciate you offering to sign off on the trademark rights for NU5 right away. We’ll figure out how to update the doc to include the right version/tag of zebra. Thanks again—getting the Zcash Foundation’s sign-off on NU5 is a huge relief for me, and really makes me feel better about everything. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Saturday evening. :slight_smile:

Update: okay the fixed document with zebrad included should be in your inbox.


If there’s any overlapping on the addressable markets of ZSA’s and Matt’s company, then there is a conflict of interest.



Y’all, the number one way to overcome fear is facts. Thanks @Dodger for the transparency. Believe it or not, I think all these issues can be resolved with a fact-based discussion.

I would urge everyone to tone down the rhetoric (less “ludicrous”, “crazy”). Even if we think someone is acting ridiculous, it won’t do any favors to this discussion to include such adjectives in our responses. Of course this is difficult when when one is the butt of serious allegations. But these allegations could be re-hashed ad infinitum by both sides. Instead, let’s just go through the issues one by one and try to reach the best resolution possible. (It seems some resolution is already occurring.)

Also, I think it helpful to look at history to understand that arguments like this are nothing new. Wars have been fought over less. Nobody’s perfect; people are trying their best; people are super passionate about Zcash; people have a lot going on in their personal lives. It’s gonna be ok.


I hope the meeting with ZF & ECC clears up things between them. To me, it seems like a huge miscommunication between them.

Thanks @Dodger for sharing facts.


(Speaking for myself, not ECC.)

I would like to point out that ZF never to my knowledge linked the issue about licensing of the orchard crate with approval of NU5, and there was no reason to believe that they would do so.


@Shawn @tokidoki or any of the other mods: Is it possible to sticky Dodger’s response as the first response in the thread. It would be great if people didn’t have to scroll down to see a response to some serious accusations. (And I would prefer this thread stays up, precisely so the accusations have a clear and factual response.)
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Ive noticed in some other types of QnA forums that the less relevant responses are shrunken down vs the others

A small message for @Dodger @zooko @Matthewdgreen @tromer @secparam & other critical members of Zcash: I believe y’all have respect & love for each other, & are the highest integrity people that I know in crypto. Hope you get some face time with each other, rebuild the broken bridges, not just for you, for Zcash, because we are just getting started & we need your help in bringing economic freedom for everyone.


I would like to make one technical comment on Zooko’s post. (This and Undisclosed and actively relevant conflicts of interest on the Zcash Foundation Board of Directors - #25 by daira are the only public comments I will be making about it.)

The purpose of putting the new Zcash shielded money (codenamed “Zcash Orchard”) under the Bootstrap Open Source Licence is to prevent some of the value-extraction that can happen from other coins or other businesses using Zcash’s innovations without giving anything back to the ZEC holders who funded it.

“Zcash Orchard” is not under BOSL. The orchard Rust crate, which contains part of the implementation of Orchard, is under BOSL. The rest, making up a very substantial part, of the implementation of Orchard for zcashd is in the zcashd C++ code, halo2, halo_gadgets, incrementalmerkletree, pasta_curves, and librustzcash including its components f4jumble, zcash_address, and zcash_note_encryption, all of which are licensed as either MIT or MIT/Apache 2.0. I understand that ZF also reimplemented some of this code for Zebra.

Zooko has acknowledged this point privately but has not yet corrected the post, which is why I felt it necessary to post this comment.


:+1: Zebra implements everything besides the circuit to validate Orchard transactions in our zebra repo (we depend on the orchard crate’s circuit built on top of halo2) . We also directly depend on incrementalmerkletree as it is better/more efficient than my original naïve tree implementation, the pasta_curves, etc.

Anyone can implement the Zcash Orchard shielded protocol as laid out in the Zcash Protocol Specification and the associated ZIPs [1, 2], it’s just a lot, and as we know building arithmetic circuits is complex and difficult even independent of doing so on a cutting-edge proving system like Halo2.