Update to the Zcash Community CoC

@joshs Whilst your version had issues and duplication (the touching people stuff was duplicated) -

You still have this as your CoC - zcash/code_of_conduct.md at master · zcash/zcash · GitHub

@BostonZcash mate, you know I love you, but read the code. I aint a grass
@moderators wtf? you were voted to reject this shit. Why have you not come out with a firm stance (again)
@joshs what happened to the one you wrote with responsible disclosure? cause I feel zerodaze in my bones. 1 day and its actually ethical… @zebambam dont worry never do that to zcash or a project.

So if I want to contribute in anyway to this project do I have to accept this CoC?

Would you please be explicit in does this CoC apply to the forums @Shawn. If this is above your paygrade please escalate.

I remember a post/discussion (god i mis discussions on othis forum) with ohgodagirl invoking godwins law on herself. made me think.

As was covered in the other thread, the Zcash Community forums CoC is different than the Zcash Contributor CoC FAQ - Zcash Community Forum

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Depends for who and in what capacity is that person contributing to a project.

The ECC has a CoC that applies to thier contributors and employees, the Zcash Foundation set the forums CoC that applies to forum participants, the Zcash Foundation has a CoC that applies to ZFND employees and contributors.


thank you sorry for deleting my post. your clarification stands on its own.