Unified address for ZSAs & ZEC

One of the cool thing about Ethereum is that single account / address can hold all kinds of tokens in Ethereum. Wondering if we are going to have single address that can hold ZEC & ZSA notes? so, I can use same private key to sign the transfers/hold. Some use-cases:
1a. Converting some ZEC in z-address to zBTC. I want same z-address to hold a pool of ZEC & zBTC
1b. Holding multiple ZSAs in single z-address.
2. Airdropping ZSA to z-addresses


ZSA is the chosen acronym for user-defined asset (UDA) and would allow for wrapped tokens though the initial version may not support all the juicy features, that’ll probably take time


It should be independent of how ZSAs are stored on blockchain. My half technical brain, says it’s possible. I’m waiting to Zcash devs to pitch in their technical angle.

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Good point. No doubt they will. My (and I’m guessing some others) assumed ZSAs were just a UID value within transactions in an existing or new ZCash value pool. But yes it should be added to the list of ZSA requirements to make sure.

Maybe the community needs a wiki (or other location) to list community requested features for ZSAs. Maybe a ZF GitHub repo where community members can submit pull requests listing ZSA feature requirements.

A kinda non-technical pre-ZIPs GitHub repo for non-technical folks that focuses more on high level scenarios and features rather then the technical aspects.

P.S. I know it’s been mentioned before and concerns around barrier to entry of GitHub is too high but I feel like some of us community members can take on the burden of summarising community discussions into a set of features/scenarios into a pull request. It’s not so much that I feel the discussions need to be centred around a GitHub document, more so that by the time someone finalizes the ZIP we need a central place that can be referenced with the communities inputs/concerns/suggestions.