Zcash on testnet


I am playing around with the latest version of Zcash (v2.0.3) to get a better sense of the SNARK component. I am running a Zcash node on testnet.

I tried to get some Zcash from https://faucet.testnet.z.cash/, but it didn’t quite work. I still have zero balance in the address I used. Could someone please point me to the right place, or send some Zcash to this address:


Thanks a lot!

Sent txid: 9f790a9522dc049ef57d6ef75e2dc1fe65969c933dcaaeb7c230b2df288fbeb0

Assuming you used that address, the reason it didn’t work is it isn’t compatible with Sapling addresses so you would have to send to a Sprout or t-addr and send to Sapling from there. I opened this issue some time ago Faucet doesn't work with sapling addresses · Issue #3 · zcash/zfaucet · GitHub.

Just noticed it’s cert has expired too so could do with a bit of attention.

Edit, it’s also running 2.0.1 which reached end of support halt a couple weeks ago so there’s many reasons it isn’t working…


The team is actively looking into fixing these issues but it might be a couple weeks. Thanks for raising this, we’ll keep tabs on this discussion and that ticket for any new points.

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