Update from v1.0.15 to latest (Sept 2019)

So, I have been away from Zcash for a while and I just went back to my wallet to see if everything was alright. Opened Zcashd and it seems to be not working, it is not downloading blocks (it is stock at 284631) and if I check the balance of my t-address it is wrong (it is showing way less that what it shows in zcash explorer…)

I’ve been trying to find a solution online but I havent find one… I read somewhere that I needed to update to the latest version of zcashd, but I don’t know how to do that and cant find anywhere either. I have already tried sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade but it it still showing v1.0.15. could someone help me out please…

Also, I remember it was working just fine the last time I checked a bit more of a year ago…

Two things that may help:

  • Check the Debian install page for some issues that might be preventing you from upgrading (e.g. you have the older now-invalid public key for the apt repository).
  • After upgrading the installed package, you need to stop your zcashd node (zcash-cli stop) and restart.
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