Updating Zcash from earlier release


What's the correct process for updating to the latest release of Zcash?

I've been mining for a little while on the testnet so I've stopped this updated my local repo (on the zc.v0.11.2.z4 branch) and rerun ./zcutil/fetch-params.sh and ./zcutil/build.sh -j4 and all works correctly.

When I start back up though I still see my old balance and I was expecting them to be removed so am I still mining on the old testnet?


I had to delete the block database files in ~/.zcash/testnet3/ to reset the chain. It then correctly downloaded the new testnet chain.


DId you keep the existing debug.log file? Curious to know if there were any error or warning messages being reported, prior to deleting the block data files. Thanks.


Many thanks, clearing out the same files worked for me.


I've kept a copy of the testnet3 directory and looking through the debug.log file I don't see any noticeable errors or warnings but happy to share the log file if you'd like to check it.