US Crypto ban proposal? Thoughts if something like this actually goes through?

This is how I personally feel about this Representative. His views are not correct at all.


“Anything you can’t control, you shall fear (and has automatically something to do with terrorism).”



More promising than one Senators attempt at banning cryptocurrency (which would be difficult if not impossible) , is the new guidance from FinCEN regarding the regulations of them:

Overall it’s good guidance about who and who should not be regulated.


Why should we follow just one person with stupid thought out there?

What will the feds do when the preponderance of cryptocurrencies have privacy features? That will add more gasoline to Rep. Sherman’s “march to the sea” for the purpose of blowing up cryptocurrency! I saw a follow-up YouTuber list all of his larger campaign contributors. I was shocked and disillusioned to learn that they were members of the U.S. banking industry! He was concerned about crypto’s role in funding terrorism and other harmful activities. I haven’t checked yet, but I wonder what his position was on sending a cargo plane full of US dollars to Iran? I’m sure that money is being used for additional playground equipment, upgrading kitchen appliances, and video game development.