Don't care about your opinions about their opinions.. this is wrong
a great example why bitcoin’s actually dangerous

The takeaway is simply another reason to use ZCash to maintain privacy controls.

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that’s really horrifying! highly doubt tara mcarthy is a nazi. this really undermines BTC, and hurts people. wouldn’t even care if she was a nazi… that’s plain ugly, and one day the communities we all belong to will be attacked in the same way… especially if you’re a political activist … absolutely chilling

Since Democrats (Clintonists) collapsed the Russian and now Neo-Nazi hysteria has reached beyond redicilous proportions. Trump a Russian puppet? Neo-Nazis taking over the world with their made-in-China torches? The 0.0001%-ers must be laughing all the way to the bank (they own). Will the dead-enders ever give up?


there might be maybe, a 1000 non-ironic nazis on the entire planet! the establishment, and their pets are calling anybody to the right of marx a nazi. that includes libertarians/ancaps. no longer left vs right arguing over labor/capital… nowadays it’s battle between globalism, and internationalism. for globalism to win; globalists will need to murder untold millions of nationalists (when the establishment is done murdering nationalists; they’ll murder the anarchists that helped them achieve power; then they’ll start killing impure globalists). might be the most bloodthirsty policy the establishment has pursued.

dude, it’s like going against Mafia. com’on if there is now bitcoin they find something else. don’t blame cryptocurrencies for that.

if you’re going against the mafia; do you want them to be able to track your financial TXs, and map your network of friends/allies?

NSA is already able of that and they aren’t from my gouvernement so what should I think about them?

if they don’t like you; you should fear them

imo, USA is a captured operation. will take a minute to return USA to the people.

USA was never meant to have a large centralized all powerful government. was supposed to be a republic where people could live how they chose. side note: vast majority of americans are isolationist, and give 0 fucks about your country… it’s the people that usurped our nation.

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which are americans too, just sayin’

they’re just a mafia dude, no worries

and still americans.

your nation has them too (deep state). there’s no exceptions (they collaborate)… USA’s just much-more powerful…

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