Vergara Technologies 2024 Grant application

Hello Zcash nation,

After working to create ZGo, our team is applying for a ZCG grant for 2024 to cover enhancements to ZGo as well as new products for the ecosystem:

  • ZGo Referral Links
  • ZGo Tip Jar
  • Zenith Full Node Wallet
  • Zenith Lite Wallet (desktop)
  • LightNode

You can read our full proposal or review it on the Zcash Grants website.

We look forward to hear your feedback and to continue working on more useful products for the community.


Love Zenith and think a GUI for it would be a great edition considering Zecwallet Fullnode is no longer active. :zebra: :hearts:


Congrats! Great initiative!

@pitmutt at the most recent meeting, the @ZcashGrants Committee voted to partially approve this proposal. The approved proposal is for a total of $16,100, which includes $3,500 for hosting, $3,00 for legal services, and $9,600 for ZGo User Support. The committee has requested that you provide quarterly updates via the forum in this thread. ZCG requests that you edit your submitted proposal to meet these specifications. You are also eligible to submit a new, separate proposal for the Zenith Full Node Wallet.


The submitted proposal has been adjusted to these parameters, thank you!


Congrats! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

great ! Thanks for sharing

January Updates:


Would be great from a marketing perspective to see how many merchants are using Zgo.

We currently have 2 active shops.



I feel that ZGo is a very powerful tool that from the Zcash ecosystem itself we should all promote more: with meetups, workshops and other forms of dissemination.

In the next episode of Zcast we will talk about ZGo.

Thanks for keeping us updated!


Thanks for the info.

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We need to see this number steadily grow. +5 merchants/month would be an achievable target.
It’s a great tool

If you have any merchants in mind, please let me know.

Steam, NordVPN…