Viewing keys - import/export/walletnotify


Can I check the current status? I’m told this is not yet fully working but the commands are in 2.0.4. (z_importviewingkey, z_exportviewingkey)

I’m trying to get walletnotify to trigger on transactions for watchonly zaddrs.


Here is the issue on Github

Those z_import/export… commands work with Sprout but you’ll get something along the lines of “Sapling address are not supported” if trying to use them on a Sapling address.


Thanks! That explains whats going on :slight_smile:

I’ll keep an eye #3060 for updates & test my stuff with Sprout for now. I imagine they’ll get to this fairly soon as its one of ZECs more ‘zecy features’.

Edit: Looks like they’re working on this already in #3822 :slight_smile: