Zcash-qt-wallet now is Sapling ready!

zcash-qt-wallet v0.2.0 is now fully sapling ready. Create sapling addresses, send to and from sapling addresses all from the UI.

Head over to the downloads page (https://github.com/adityapk00/zcash-qt-wallet/releases) to test it out.

Note: Sapling is currently actively only on testnet, so you can try it out against testnet. Once it activates on mainnet, it will automatically appear in the UI.


isn’t sapling freaking FAST??? like omg, I’ve sent biiiiiig transparent txns with lots of inputs that take longer to generate than a single input Sapling txn w/memo


I know, right? It is significantly faster.

Also, is it just me or is the sprout zAddr transaction also faster on testnet? On my machine, sprout transactions compute in half the time on testnet.

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I hadn’t paid much attention, but will see! Would not surprise me since Sprout txns use the new rust code iirc after Sapling activation (I could be mis-remembering tho!)


Yes Sprout transactions post Sapling use the new proving system (which also means they use the new Powers of Tau based parameters too) so they are as you say about 2x faster (and use a bit less memory).


Oh, that’s quite cool!

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note that any command line full node Windows users that use your front end and have non-ASCII usernames will want to use this release:
https://zcash.dl.mercerweiss.com/zcash-win-v2.0.1b.zip as it has the very recent fixes for non-UTF8 paths in it, thanks to @str4d & @daira and testing by user Marsh on rocket.chat and others here

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What’s the difference between 2.0.1b and 2.0.1i?

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the first is the command line release embedded in the Winzec 2.0.1i release…vagaries of naming as I go (‘b’ was the second attempt at a fix and is just the *.exe’s in a zipfile…‘i’ is for International, which I decided upon when I released the WinZEC build with that version in it)

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That’s great. I submitted a PR to point to those new executables.

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