Visualize Zcash Blockchain Data with Zebra + Elasticsearch + Kibana

The engineers working on Zebra recently spent an “open” sprint working on projects of their own choosing. @oxarbitrage has written a blog post describing his project - adding a feature to store Zcash block data in an elasticsearch database, and using Kibana to explore and visualize the data.


Cool, but 20% projects with ongoing wallet syncing and spam issues? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Zebra nodes sync decently quick

I would think the average person doesn’t really know what that even means nor cares. Most normal people just want to use Zcash as private money and unfortunately the entire ecosystem and “product” is lacking on many fronts. Shiny dashboards are fine I guess once the low hanging fruit has been picked…

But I digress… I have to remember this is a professor coin, so I’ll wait for the documentary where @joshs will talk about how this is moving the needle for the #PrivacyIsNormal campaign…