Wallet not updating blocks howto recover?

I have installed Zcash v1.0.1 on a linux laptop. Created a t-addr and have been using it successfully.

I accidentally pulled out the power cable with no battery. Since then the blocks have been stuck on 5012 and not updating and payouts aren't being received.

How can I fix this problem please?

First try "zcashd -reindex" and wait if same error pops up.
If it doesn't work, wallet.dat file is corrupted.
If you didn't receive any coins yet, then just delete wallet.dat file before launch and start with new address.

If you already received coins and need to recover that wallet.dat file, then you would have to repair wallet.dat file manually.

dump db, reload db, salvagewallet and then do a full rescan
It's not that simple.

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Thank you for the reply. I will do some more reading.


"zcashd -reindex" Fixed the problem for me :sunglasses:

Good to hear that. :grinning: