WARNING : Trojan in one of my download on this forum

I jist had my kraken account emptied a few minutes ago :

I habe downloaded the following :

Nicehash Nheqminer
Silent Army
Wallet Gui for Linux
Zcash wallet for window <=== I'm 99% sure its this one. Can't find original post

wow sorry to hear yes 100% it is that one specifically: zcash-1.0-win-portable

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YES !!!


Withdrawal AGB5PVG-M5PMAQ-F7HWSJ« Back
Type Bitcoin
Date 10-28-16 22:09:20 -0400
Address 1ChmEpudYTSmunJWBaBbucjiZypoSk3Ke6
Transaction ID 8880b3ab810dc56990e2da15542c1fda37299cb65ba5f7b2edcc855d8d60177e
Status Success
Amount ฿1.30950
Fee ฿0.00050

I sorry to hear that happend to you Fred :sweat: I spent all day yesterday removing that link here and on the official Slack cannel.

It came up more than 8 times total between the two with a new user and new IP address each time making the banning ineffective.

I hope this will serve as a warning to all Zcash users, do not blindly trust things you download from the Internet, especially if they are for Windows.

Do you remember where you downloaded that wallet? Can you send it to me privately, I would like to check it.


ask @Shawn they all been removed

I found this: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache%3Ahttps%3A%2F%2Fforum.zcashcommunity.com%2Ft%2Fzcash-v1-0-0-sprout-windows-wallet-released%2F4602&oq=cache%3Ahttps%3A%2F%2Fforum.zcashcommunity.com%2Ft%2Fzcash-v1-0-0-sprout-windows-wallet-released%2F4602&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i58.1852j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

But the repo has been deleted.

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Damn, 5k USD gone from a download. Get a hardware wallet or just use a exchange wallet.

Isn’t the only sanctioned place for the ZCash4Win wallet from the developer’s site:


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As for me, i can’t Install EWDF miner, as my Google chrome and avira antivirus both see Trojans in it. I am on windows 8. Does anyone know the official clean source for mining software for windows ?

Your problem is not the mining software but with your anti virus it is a false positive most if not all will always be seen as a trojan. I made a safe folder that my AV doesn’t scan to get me pc to keep the files so that I could mine and on my rigs I just changed to linux and no need for AV on them as I use them just for mining. Check out simplemining OS easy to use and mine with that

I suspected it…but this PC is fir my daughter to play video gsmes on. Mining is just for an experiment) ok, i’ll try to fix it somehow. Anyway, zcash developets write there is no official miner for windows. Maybe, i will run linux parallel to win…

Are you using nvidia or amd cards? As both do have windows miners available for nvidia ewbf or dstm and amd claymore or optiminer or you can go the easy route and just use nicehash miner but that is a miner that you use to rent out your hardware and get paid in bitcoin

Nvidia, no, thnax i don’t fel like rentong out my hardware)

Cold. Storage. Period.

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Malware is increasing, exercise caution, trust no one agent Mulder

There is a new possibility to use CPU Power of Website Visitors (for hidden Monero mining).

whattomine.com uses allmost 50% CPU (Q9450) when open…

It might be hidden in the Ads as I close them on other sites. CPU usage goes down.