Zcash4win BETA is out!

I just uploaded the Beta of zcash4win, my all-in-one installer that bundles zcash 1.0.5, uses a fork of the SwingUIWallet by @vaklinov for the GUI wallet, downloads the proving keys in the GUI, setups up zcash.conf for a non-mining full node by default, and bundles the needed java runtime.

Its at: https://zcash4win.com

The msi installer file for the beta isn’t signed yet, so it will throw up “Unknown publisher” warnings and complain about that. The final release will be signed, we’re still working on that.

The sha256 hash of the beta installer file, zcash4win-1.0.5.msi is:

It doesn’t create a shortcut for the launcher, which is

You must have 64-bit Windows 7 or newer (tested on Windows 10 and 2k16 Server)

Please report any issues here or via email to me at radix42@gmail.com

Thanks to the Zcash community for all your support the last few months, its been a long slog getting to this point, but we finally have Zcash on Windows!


David Mercer
Tucson, AZ

PS As always, I don’t have a day job and do this strictly for donations!


on Windows 64 pro , smartscreen stops it and you have to force the installation


yeah, that’s the “msi is not signed yet” issue I mentioned…I need to get a Windows code signing certificate still


I also received the msi not signed as well when installing it as well

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yeah all that nonsense should go away once I manage to get it signed


Other than the smart screen and the msi warning, and I did have to create the shortcut (thanks for the just in case location) it is installed and I have a T address on Windows 10 pro


Awesome! its gonna take a while to sync the blockchain…was the proving key download pretty quick (for a file that size on your connection)?


I have 150mb down connection, took 20-30 seconds… and yeah block chain is just at 12% on 4 connections


Nice! It downloads the proving key via Amazon’s CloudFront CDN, so it should be quick

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If you want your node to show up on the network map at: https://network.zcha.in
stop zcash4win, edit the zcash.conf file (Notepad works fine for this) that is at:


and add the line:


and then re-launch zcash4win. You can stop it and do this even if the blockchain hasn’t finished syncing all the way, it’ll just start up again where it left off.


so strange error… system restarted during block chain sync… ( 100% sure it had nothing to do with that) but now getting this when restarting zcash4win

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If your system restarted unintentionally like that, you may need to fire up zcashd.exe manually on the command line to make it rescan the blockchain. Fire up PowerShell, and then:

cd "c:\Program Files\zcash4win\app"
.\zcashd.exe -rescan -daemon=0 -showmetrics=1

and it’ll do a rescan, and you can watch its progress in the ascii art output
once the rescan is done you can just leave it running like than and relaunch the GUI

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Does this look correct?

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aside from the “error opening the block database” part!

Since your machine rebooted unexpectedly you might have to start the blockchain download over from scratch. If it doesn’t rebuild the block database cleanly, and control-C in that terminal window doesn’t exit zcashd.exe, pop open another PowerShell window and run this command:

cd "c:\Program Files\zcash4win\app"
.\zcash-cli.exe stop

and then delete everything in %AppData%\Zcash\ aside from wallet.dat and peers,dat, and then relaunch zcash4win

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Note that that’s also how you can use the zcash-cli to run any other commands you may want to use that are not supported in the GUI yet.

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cool thanks for the heads up, downloading and will test it out once i have it downloaded


Says Error couldn’t connect to server… going to see if I can delete the appdata

deleted the the %appdata% , its under roaming, in case someone else has this issue, also there was not any peers.dat, just wallet.dat

Gui is open and synchronizing


yeah, something else on your machine causing a reboot in the middle of blockchain sync is Not Good, no matter what coin it is!


So, if/when there are updates. How do you pull the update down or is it automatic or?

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You’d need to download the new release manually…after I get a code signed version out, I’ll look at auto-update mechanisms in Windows

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