Waterhole Zcash pool 1% fee / high lucky rate. More payout! TLS/SSL

I'm sorry for that, we were do some upgrading for payout schema (3 time a day). But it won't affect the payout of you. We will do our best.

For some big miners came yesterday . But they will mine more blocks with us. It will be better than before.

The pending values contains some blocks which are unconfirmed by 100 confirmations. They will be paid to you at next payout moment. So don’t be afraid of that. :slight_smile:

I think you should have more info on the website to inform to us, such as server update, payout postpone to next time or something like that, ...

why does est. pending keeps changing?From 0.2 to 0.15 in 5mins ... not good at all

Thank you for your suggestion. we will do that next time.

You can message me with your address I will check it for you

I understand they are unconfirmed but why is the value dropping thru time. 15mins ago i had 0.189. Now i have 0.15

Could you messaging me your address ..... I will check if for you now.

Its fine now. Seems to be a lag between eat pending and total revenue.

OK, thank you so much for your supporting. We will do our best !

OK, thank you so much for your supporting. ......We will do our best !

Because we did not find enough block between that time slot. The whole network hash rate was booming to 53000K for about 8 hours.

all block info and payment are listed on website.


and we do pay them all:


That person lost 50% revenue for a 7% increase in difficulty? That is extremely unlucky indeed.

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If you look at the whole day, we are still above the 100% luck. It is just a unlucky period, which would happen to any pool. I never said always lucky, but overall speaking, the result should be much better.

I just wonder if it is possible to make mistakes in payout when updating your payment software 3 times a day.

Is your payment schema open source like other pools so your clients can be sure? Full disclosure I run an open source pool with less features than waterhole. And while even though the payout code is free to view, that still requires trust in me to deploy that code unaltered.

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Not likely. We show all blocks mined by us, and all payout. If people want to take a look to calculate, feel free to do so.

The reason we do not open source is that our pool is rewritten by extremely high performance engine, which is prepared for future billions of devices mining.

Can you explain how this would be done? As far as I can see there are blocks mined and payouts made (at variable times/values based upon your updates).

As with any pool I am not sure how I would calculate that a block reward was fairly distributed since it is not easy to see the aggregate shares from all of your clients.

That is impressive.

I plan to update p2pool for zcash if I can get the time so there will be less need for our and trust placed in our pool software in an ecosystem (arguably?) meant for decentralization

You would see mined 10 blocks during upgrading and paid out 90 coins already. One block is unconfirmed

p2pool will not likely efficient enough. e.g. all btc bit miners not using that, one orphan blocks due to network delay will miss 12.5 btc

How do I know that you don't control one of those payout addresses? And have written code into your software that redistributes shares to you and just looks like it paid some client. The fact is people are placing trust in you like any pool.

This may be true but also bitcoin/zcash are likely not efficient enough for a world wide transaction ledger. P2P is inherently hard to get right. It is why bitcoin is not fully scaled. Centralized services placed on-top will not solve anything imo.

I do think we are providing a needed service until better p2p solutions are formed. But I see a lack of interest in companies to even try when they can cash in on not improving p2p.