Waterhole Zcash pool 1% fee / high lucky rate. More payout! TLS/SSL

For the past 10 days, 1 day pool luck 50%, all 9 days exceeds 150%

Pool Link:


History of block mined:

Pool hash rate history for past 10 days:
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We setup the pool and have a few of friends gradually adding hash power for testing in the past 10 days. They are very happy with the payout. Daily UTC 04:00 AM PPLNS per pay round. Will switch to PPS or HBPPS once hash rate get higher later.

Technical features: Completely rewrite pool for large scale mining connections. Improved backend stability and concurrency. Optimizations for better pool efficiency.

Welcome to give us a try and introductory pool fee is 0% until 12/31/2016 and 1% after.

Give a try for couple of days and see your returns boost!

UPDATE 12/10/2016: For Claymore V9.1, you can start to use SSL/TLS secure mining.

-zpool tls://zec.waterhole.xyz:3443 or -zpool ssl://zec.waterhole.xyz:3443

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They mean high luck. And a wonderful morning it is.

And just want to say thanks to the waterhole team on reaching out within less than a couple of hours to help assist.

claymore? 2020202020202

yes claymore
v8.0 beta

ya optiminer that your team has only giving me 200 sadly.

Nice,So far so good!

I don’t think the ping is the most important factor. I only care about the payout:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

minimum payout limit ?

i hate “pending” payments, no info about that anywhere…switching back to another pool if we don’t have the proper information…

normally 0.001 (2020202002020)

Hi there,
Pending is sort of unconfirmed or estimated amount due to we start from PPS mode. We can switch to that later once we reach certain scale. Thanks.

First block after slow start by wp.

Congratulations! This pool has high lucky rate, more hash rate, gain more coins

Mark. I will give it a try later.


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Where can I set the payout threshold? If I cannot set it, what is the default?

isn’t luck rate just a matter of … luck? i mean, a pool statistically can not have a high luck rate in the long term, right? it would all average

It is possible to have high lucky rate in long term. Pool has its own mining job dispatch policy, which could be a booster for miners.