NEW ZCash mining pool located in Czech republic

Join us :slight_smile: 1st server located in Czech republic (planned nodes in IT,UK,FR)

we found first block after few hours of starting pool :smiley:

current AVG Hash is 400H/s
we will touch 1KH/s on the weekend
fee is 1.2% for now port 3032


Interesting. Do you plan to introduce features such as other pools (e.g. suprnova dashboards, payout thresholds etc)?

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Zcash Min Payout is 0.1 per miner.
Payouts every hour.

working on that :slight_smile:

interesting. I'll be following that closely (located in CZ too).
What's your payment model? PPNLS? PPS?

WOW :slight_smile:

1.09 KSol/s (Now)

Thanks! for join

RX480 and Claymore FTW :wink: Let's see how that goes.

what is PN of your card ? i will have


next week

how many cards you have ?

I got two of these from Alza CZ.

you have 1k sol/s on 2 cards??

I would say it varies. Claymore sees consistently around 616 H/s. But then again H/s doesn't necessarily means Sol/s so you can see the variance in the stats. Currently, Claymore is configured for mining at intensity 8 from both GPUs but I've set some thermal thresholds at 75°C and 80°C, plus keep my fans at 30% minimum. The Strix card has very silent fans which is a nice plus. The bumps in intensity can due to these thresholds, i.e. cards get above 75°C and Claymore throttles down the intensity.

Btw, you might consider an ssl connection to your pool, as Claymore reduces devfee from 90s when using insecure connections to 72s when using tls or ssl.

With pool my average gain is 0.1 ZEC every 48 hours.

and did you test it with nheqminer? it has the same numbers?

I wrote a detailed topic about my testing here:

nheqminer is not really optimized for GPUs. I used optiminer before Claymore, but found it gave 240-250 Sols/s. I built nheqminer on my MacBook Pro, but use it just for fun as it never goes above 15 Sols/s.

It's going to take a lot more hashing power than we have to mine a block. From what I see, not much people besides you and me on the pool. I'm going to have to switch back to because otherwise I'm not going to see a return on my investment. No hard feelings though, maybe more advertisement is needed. Let's see how it goes later - I might invest in more hardware but only after summertime is over. Until then, good luck!

understand, no problem. I am planing now test 1 or 2 ASUS strix and then test pool with power about 7-10K

so you can join the pool after to try get about 10K power

will let you know

Sure, let's stay tuned!

we start test of 26K NOW :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, are you setting up a commercial mining operation? 26K isn't a small feat :slight_smile:

From 250 Sols/s to 125 kSols/s? That escalated quickly :slight_smile:

yes :smiley: and no block :smiley: so everything is about Lucky :smiley: