Waterhole Zcash pool 1% fee / high lucky rate. More payout! TLS/SSL

Yes, me too. Let's keep it going then.

Thank you for your support ! We will do our best, some big miners will come soon!

Thank you for supporting us, We will do our best to make the pool better!!

Updated with block found distributions.

after entering hte pool page it keeps loading and loading something in the middle and stays like this. any ideas? no adblocker used. also treid different browsers

You can fresh the browser , and We will do some performance improvement . too. Thank you for your support.:slight_smile:

thx for that. are you also planning a neuropean server. would like to support you by mining on your pool, but the latency from europe is just like way over 400ms...should be at 70-100 (EU servers as a reference)

Yes, we are planing. One thing I want to mention is that latency won't affect the block found rate / share submission, it is not as critical as online MMO game. But we do put EU server on slate! Thanks for your supporting.

Last 24 hours payout

Is there an app or api where i can monitor my miner?

We will do it future

In central USA, latency is 281ms to 328ms to ssl://zec.waterhole.xyz:3443. Is there any way to get that lower?

something is wrong with your pool. rigs were hashing & submitting shares at a good rate about a hour ago. Now hashrate on rigs are still up 2.8 k sos/s on my monitor app & on systems. hashrate seems to vary a lot on the pool, but that's understandable. shares have a very high reading on the pool but a very low reading on the rigs: Rig4 9700 on pool, 543 on the rig. also rigs are now submitting shares very slow. maybe less than 100 per hour.earnings are not where they should be either. pool not updating correctly, seems to take a 1/2 hour just to get some kind of reading. on another pool I was getting 0.02 a hour, every other hour it was 0.03, yours isn't even close to that unless there is something wrong.

We had a bad luck day yesterday. There is also some update come today.

Your share submission is ok since we do a vardiff to keep miners busy and less submit per hour.

Thanks we keep working on the pool to improve the performance.

We are working on the lower latency issue, which may take a week to fix this. Lots of cloud deployment.

The web page of the pool just stuck on loading:


Refresh the page do not help.

Can you open it on your mobile?

Yes, I can open it with mobile..

On possible reason is your WiFi router/network blocked the port we are using. We will fix this issue.

You can try it on your computer again, we have fix that.