We just created a zCash - community on Discord

We just created a zCash Mininig - community on Discord

Invitation Link : zCash added a clean url :

URL: https://discord.io/zcash-community


Very nice incentive, I wanted to do the same thing a few weeks ago but I went on vacation and forgot, thanks @cristiycv

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Could you consider making this server open for the entire zCash community to collaborate/chat and then making the mining within it (create several channels) - rename server?

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Just renamed to zCash :slight_smile:

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Just a reminder :slight_smile: we are waiting for more members to join on discord.

Please respect channel category! invite URL : https://discord.io/zcash-community

Can I update this post to include all the current zcash discord links?
ZcashCommunity: Discord
Zcash Foundation

@elenita I would create a new topic, this is a users separate discord channels with no relation to the Zcash Community or Zcash Foundation discords. Although confusingly named similar.