Please, help the community with more ways of support!

This is some serious request from me, and I hope some other people around agree with me.

What we need is a bigger community to talk about, spread the word and discuss crypto and ZCash. Some way to respond on a fast way togheter. Now ZCash hase a forum, this is already good for some time delayed anwers on maybe complex themes.

But what is when you just have a quick question or want a good discussion?

What I want is some chat like a Telegram Channel or a Slack Channel or at least discord.

Please think about more user friendly - not just an old IRC Channel who nobody is responding in realtime.

Discord channel exists already

Then please tell me where to find.

I just go thruh the page and the bottom shows me:

Community Dev Chat
IRC: #zcash

There is no official discord listed?

That should work

Ok, thank you for the link - it worked.

Little less people here (19 online) - I hope ZCash is working to improve things and get the infos going. Otherwise I’m not seeing that bright future here.

A coin can be as good as it want’s if it don’t get the needed attention and platform, it don’t get pumped and no new money is coming in.