We want you to be a featured guest on Free2Z Live!

We have been doing a 50 minute to 1 hour live call every Monday for a while now: 5pm PST, 7pm Mexico City, 8pm EST, 9pm Venezuela, 10pm Brazil, 1am UTC, 2am CET … 6am Mumbai … 10am Tokyo …

We want you to be a featured guest some week in the future. If the above time is not good for you, we can change it! Let me know.

Sometimes we record them, sometimes we don’t. These calls are usually fun and meaningful. But, the scheduling is a bit haphazard. Mondays come around fast! I think we have had some great conversations around Zcash, Free2Z, privacy, tech, politics, economics, poetry, … we want to keep the momentum going and do a better job with the schedule going forward.

Please claim a Monday and be a featured guest! Respond in this thread or DM me!

Here are some of the recent ones from this year that were recorded to give you an idea if you haven’t dropped by one yet:


Super stoked to have @pacu on tonight! So much to talk about!

It’s an hour or two earlier than usual considering daylight savings time so check the times.


@paulbrigner is coming on in a little under 30 minutes! :rocket: :popcorn: