Free2Z Live with ZURE

@peacemonger is joining tonight’s community call to talk about Zeboot and ZURE!

Hit the TV button - free, works in browsers, no login required.


can we get recording link also?

it was really cool and informative call.
but since it was in middle of night for me i fell asleep halfway :joy:

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for everyone who missed it, rewatch it here: Free2z

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Good Presentation!

Section on Product Adoption Curve is important to understand.

57:00 - Holders who transact? Early adopters who promote the use which appear to benefit the growth of the ecosystem.
My take out from this point in the presentation focuses on how to design resource allocation in much smaller quantities, in order to grow this important thesis that I take away from your results.

Unique Selling Proportion:
1:04:25 - Hear the pillar towards growth and user adoption! This point should be heard from everyone in the ecosystem!!!


We’re going to have @peacemonger on again this week. It seemed like we were only halfway to where we were going last week.

Monday: 5pm PST, 8pm EST, 9pm Venezuela, 10pm Brazil, 1am UTC, 2am CET … Free2z - TV button will light up when we go live.


Thank you. :slight_smile: Tell me more, join the interviews. Here’s the link to my Calendly. No pressure.