Weird zcashd syncing problem

Sorry, this is a really terrible report, I usually make notes but forgot. I’ll try harder next time, I promise.

Not sure of the version, it was whatever was current at blk 565000, but I started up ZecWallet which then started its embedded zcashd & started syncing. I exited it normally when I noticed how old everything was & upgraded.

Then started zcashd (current version) & resumed syncing, noticed a few errors in debug.log and it started losing connections (getting banned). Errors were ‘Sapling binding signature invalid’ & ‘Sapling spend description invalid’. Eventually it would lose all connections & the sync would stall.

Currently syncing using the ‘–connect=’ arg to source from a local node (current version), still seeing the occasional error & ban messages.

The sync is going OK & am now past block 600000, the local node is being banned occasionally but is reconnecting automatically.

It looks similar to an issue the Ycash people had. I’m guessing Blossom txns are being received before Blossom has activated on my syncing node & triggering a ban for the node that forwarded them.

There are no funds on this node (its my play machine) so not an urgent problem - reporting just in case its useful.

Edit: I stopped the node at blk 653610 & restarted normally. No further errors, no ban messages & the sync completed correctly.


Hey ! This found its way into 2.1.1-1 Woohoo !!


Yeah, it nearly didn’t make it because we had a last-minute C++11 compatibility problem, but I’m glad we got it in.