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thanks for noticing @bitcoina, I’ve updated the link. :slight_smile:

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Guys, just downloaded a ZCash win wallet, can’t sync the wallet and can’t find the nodes to add to config.
Hmmm… any help how to synchronize the wallet ?

I read and accepted all the rules of the community.

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Welcome to the Zcash Community Forum! What brings you here?

I want to ask a question. I decided to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. I found review https://medium.com/swlh/hitbtc-exchange-review-is-it-still-usable-in-2019-b2847b5bc1dc on the exchange on medium. I want to consult if I trade coins and ignore verification, can they force me to do this?

You can’t withdraw anything without verification, in many cases you can’t even deposit. But the exchanges that need verification and let you deposit and trade for sure won’t let you withdraw until verification is done.

Yeah KYC is a must on any decent exchange that has volume. I am also very nervous about my identity documents being stolen. They are in over 10 exchanges 2 of which have alredy been hacked. Bitfinex and QuadrigaCX.
What do you think @boxalex do you share the same fears? And wouldnt an encrypted blockchain be far superior from a personal security standpoint than sending your docs to some company in the Cayman Islands? There must be a way to implement some sort of OPT-IN KYC model where the documents are stored on a blockchain encrypted and a two part key is required to access them, both from the user and the exchange. This could also be very valuable for decentralized exchanges…

Uhm, interesting questions. I’am registered with KYC for sure on over 30 exchanges and on some decentralized exchanges without KYC.

I personally have no fear on whatever, but the exchange i hold some funds to get hacked.

But i have to admit that tax reasons are not a concern for me due the very good amigable tax law here in Bulgaria. I just have to pay taxes once i made a profit and converted it to FIAT. I mention this because i’am 100% sure this is a bigger reason for many others.

About identity theft or identity documents being stolen. No, i have no fear this to happen or if it happens to have a negative impact for me. I’am a very “transparent” person in general living in the EU and i feel good protected by EU and national laws.

About encrypted documents stored on a blockchain i can see several potential problems:

  • It would be against EU law that the issuer has the right to be forgotten and documents to be deleted.
  • It would raise other security problems.
  • It could make it an even more interesting target for bad actors as a lot more information would/could be on such blockchain over time.
  • There could be verification problems. For example i once made a mistake upon verification and it took me 2 weeks to have it fixed with support. How would such mistake be handled on a blockchain without centralized organization?
  • ID and passports expire, numbers are changed and often even names are changed (especially female names), such issues can easyly be handled by human support, but i have no idea how this would be handeld on a blockchain without again having a centralized organization behind it.
  • Who would verify the identities on a blockchain? I mean creating an identity on blockchain or whatever is fine, but it must be verified to give/have rights and obligations. If it’s again a centralized organization they must keep again records anyway making it no different than an exchange.

The only thing currently i could think about to have documents stored in an encrypted blockchain is if the government itself controls it, some kind of digital signature many countries allready have.

Just my opinion of course.

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Hello everyone, I have read and accept the forum rules

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hello every one, today i feel so good, i read guidelines

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We should get NEXO to accept Zcash for loans. It would help funding!


quando vamos começar a minerar