Zcash Exchanges Thread

This thread is for all Zcash Exchange related announcements and questions. I will be merging many threads on this topic into this one.

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Saw this posted in reddit.com/r/zec

Revex.co reviews cryptocurrencies and exchanges. They will review the previous weeks top voted cryptocurrency.


Not sure how popular the site is but more publicity can't hurt. Lets get Zcash on the list.

J want to buy few Zcash in Usd.Any suggestions about serious platforms and safe easy wallet where to keep its.Thanks

A Ledger Wallet can keep your ZCash safe. https://www.ledgerwallet.com

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Where ? Trezor and Ledger have a lot of positive reviews.

Ledger Nano S is outstanding. It's the way to go.

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I think that the Ledger Nano S is amazing as well. I carry it around with my everywhere on a key chain and when ever I need to make a transfer it is available to me.

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It works with Bitcoin, Zcash, Dash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. I never have to worry about anyone stealing my wallet, because there is no way to figure out the private key. If I lose it, I can recreate the key by using a 24 word phrase I keep in a safe deposit box. It works on a laptop or on my Android with an on the go cable.

The screen and buttons are easy to use, it only costs $70, so I can buy two and have a backup in case I lose one.

The next code version will have a regular security key protected by PIN, and a second high security key protected by PIN and 25th word. If forced, you can give up your first PIN and not mention the second.

Three wrong PIN attempts wipes it clean.

I have lots more reasons, and go through all of them in a post I wrote:


Agree, I own one since 6 months and it is a real relief to keep my coins with me instead of an exchange/online.


Any info on which exchange will implement the coin first and how long should it take? 2, 3 days after the launch?

With the amount of hype, we should see ZEC on both Bittrex and Poloniex within the first week.

Also TheRockTrading will add it:


It looks like Bittrex is confirmed:


Great, time to put some bids

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Poloniex confirmed as well...

Kraken just sent out emails. They will be adding Zec tomorrow

I wonder who will have coins and sell them during first days considering very low blockrewards?
So i believe this will cause huge pump on ZEC value, right?

people who want to pur pre-orders in will pay whatever to get the first coins :slight_smile:

I would say they are geared up for Zcash


Hey guys. LZF.com will have ZEC markets shortly after launch (I'll make a separate post about it):