What are you listening to?


I sincerly love what you are sharing, the audio quality is just soooo good. Listening with my marshall headsets and I’m getting the chills, i love the the subs in this tune, maaan! THIS SHIT IS UNDERGROUND, LOVE IT!

My music taste in your comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6K3T63w8AA


what a crazy interesseting artist this XY0815


Maaaan, I’m at the last song of the album :’(
Gonna grab a vinile copy or 2 for sure!

( https://brokntoys.bandcamp.com/album/bt19-xy0815-exahertz )




Oh yes man! I’ve heard them live in Los Angeles, some really good crazy isralien fellows!
I love their viscious delious has a special place in my heart <3

I also enjoy a lot their legend of the black shawarma album, the cover was crazy nuts!

The best psy trance album of last year for me is this one of ASTRIX also the album cover is crazy nuts good, here is a track:





Is Zec female or male?


It is transgender…


The proudhon song (bitcoin is a bubble) - Published on Apr 7, 2013

“This is not investment advice” and “Let the buyer beware” caveat emptor.



Hahaha, never heard this one, just beautiful!

Marcus Kincaid is that you? :smiley:





catchy variations hahaha…


Collectors Edition)" on YouTube
Portal 2: Songs to Test By (Collectors Edition): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-aQQOyS8cs&list=PLtqJxOI7wEhe0kdCFBZCtVgREZjwsq65E
Youll like this


video is blocked in my country :frowning:



when its dropping and i need to hodl


ASIC situation:


I always liked pure morning