What are you listening to?


Liquid drum and bass help me concentrate while programming :slight_smile:



Autechre helps me think less about semi-colons, unsigned integers, bit flips, and parentheses and focus more on what I’m actually trying to create. :mage:


What language do you program in?


I’ve studied C for years from the Giants: Kernighan & Ritchie, Stevens & Rago, Kerrisk, Seacord, Plauger, Summit, Tannenbaum, McKusick, Van Der Linden, Harbison & Steele…

I program in Python. :joy:

It’s a good thing to know when you suck at something and how much you suck at it.


Swift, Obj-C, studying Python for Blockchain :sunglasses:


let’s program something that can tell us how much we suck.

very good :slight_smile:

I mostly program in php and javascript. Good knowledge of laravel and main js frameworks.
I’ve made some really good software that I’m proud of, from social networks to personalized cms.
The latest project I finished is a really interactive pizza/pasta/food delivery for a delivery service, here is a screenshot:

And here is a sneak peak of my upcoming mining company website:


Ni-i-ice! :slight_smile: Let’s add iOS client to any of those apps. Food delivery app would be helpful for ur service. And app similar to Slush would be attrative :wink:


Herewith, some proper trance music, for your programming delectation!

:honeybee: So, 2009 … :smiley:


It would indeed ^^ If your interessed in a collaboration let me know!


I can feel that ecstasy flashback, ahha! Sweet tune! National geographic and trance is an interesting mix, Ha! The ant part got me tripping :smiley:


“The KLF have now left the music business”?


Pizza and fancy haircuts … what what? … (I like the video though) :rofl:

This thread is in off-topic, right?

LongLivedPorts PORTS

A list of ports for services that tend to have long-running connections (e.g. chat and interactive shells). Circuits for streams that use these ports will contain only high-uptime nodes, to reduce the chance that a node will go down before the stream is finished. Note that the list is also honored for circuits (both client and service side) involving hidden services whose virtual port is in this list.


… because the “Naked and Famous” rocks …

and PuTTY (literally) :joy:



Holy moly new protonica dj set out ->

How is fam doing today?

Oh and this ->


Favourite strategy in my childhood:)


haha! ole kek must’ve been having too much fun last night.


Don’t be shy kek… :rofl:


are you kidding me?
Now that’s some quality music right there, those 80’s vibes are non sense good! Really nice finding!


XY0815 - Cygonic System https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nlPPCHhTxU&sns=tw