What cloud mining service can you recommend? Are they still profitable?

Hi! Could you please recommend profitable cloud mining service?

Stay well away from any cloud mining services. It’s almost always better to simply buy the underlying coin i.e. ZEC. This is compounded by the fact that with ASICs about to hit the network the difficulty will go through the roof and profitability will plummet as a result.


Not to sound like s “smart arse”, but I don’t think such a thing really exists. It’s profitable for “them”, but not always for “you”. You can quite easily end upside down with a cloud mining contract if you are not careful. I personally don’t recommend it, but if you do pursue one, go into with the understanding that you could very well make very little or actually make less than you spend. You may end up holding coins for a long time to let them gain value to break even or turn a profit. They are by no means a instant money making endeavor.

I know nothing about this website ( http://miningtop10.com/ ), but the top list of trusted cloud mining services is pretty accurate there. No any ‘antminecloud’-like websites, that never appear on the web.