Numbers seem off

I’m new to mining and I have a quick question. Something just doesn’t seem right with the about the numbers at the site I’m mining on. I’m not expecting huge returns, especially with the amount I’m starting with but it feels like I getting robbed. Any feedback with the information that I’ve posted would be great. Thank you.
Zcash(ZEC) Cloud Mining Fee: 0.0003 $ / 10 sol/s / day
First payout without fee taken out: 0.00326841
First payout minus the fee: 0.00108180

Is this in BTC? 20 chars

Not sure. I’ll check

Yes, it is in BTC. 20 char

Cloud mining contracts were basically a scam when Zcash first launched, and I would suspect they haven’t changed much since.

On the whole, ZEC mining isn’t going to be profitable for you unless you have access to nearly free electricity and cheap used Equihash ASICs (Z9’s, Z11’s, A9’s, etc).

At this point in time if you want exposure to Zcash then buying ZEC is the only way to go.


Buying hash on nicehash would be another option. But historicaly speaking its better to just buy the coin.