What global hashpower you expect actually?

Hi guys, it would be desirable to pay your attention to this question. How many global hashpower you expect within the first 2 months?

Impossible to know accurately.

Especially since the Equihash POW algorithm is brand new, the Hash power numbers will be much lower than with other coins.


I don’t speak about exact figures, I speak about the forecast and your expectations

Aren’t you a little more interested in the number of equihash solves/block?

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Ok, let’s say 2-5 kH/s for the first month. And if it takes off somehow on exchanges, it might be go beyond that pretty fast.

I would say 10x that.

Let’s play and take some bets.

The rules:

  • Who gets the closest of the network hashrate on december 1, 00:00am GMT, wins.
  • Bets must be expessed in integer KH/s.
  • You cannot place anymore bets after genesis block is mined.

My bet: 50KH/s

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Looking at futures price on Bitmex that started at $30 and topped around $5X Im thinking we are in for breakeven or unprofitable mining off the bat.

What do you mean by $5X. It’s sitting around $45 right now, and pretty stable.

Only Zeropond’s hashrate will be ~1 kH/s. I bet 8 kH/S.
I also think the ZEC will be way overpriced in the beginning and it’s wise to start buying it from an exchange at least 6 months after launch when things have cooled down.

15 kH/s by end of 1st month after ramp, total

I’ll guess 30kH/s
But this is going to be highly dependent on when there is agreement on what ‘H/s’ means :joy: Don’t worry, no need to open that can of worms here too.

50-100 kH/s in oct/nov

200-250 kH/s 2016-12-01
250-750 kH/s 2017-01-01

The game should be Day 1, Day 15, Day 30, Day 60 & Day 90.

Day 1: 20-30kH/s
Day 15: 80-120kH/s
Day 30: 200-300kH/s
Day 60: 500-750kH/s
Day 90: 750-1000kH/s

I think the price taking off in the earlies (due to hype) will attract a lot of miners.
After day 90 when the hype (and price) dies down and the hashrate goes up, price and hashrate should level off somewhere between $8.00 & $10.00 per ZEC.

In those first 90 days though… We are going to see more intense fluctuations than I think we’ve ever seen in the market. All the real and fake news/rumors. “DNMs adopting Zcash!”, “Trusted Setup not so trustworthy!”, etc, etc…

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10-15 MH/S ‘megahash’.

No doubt there will be thousands, but it will initially attract a proportionately small number, in my opinion.

If and when the word gets around in general that there’s something more profitable to mine on a GPU than ethereum, that’s when we’ll get between 40% to 60% of their network.

You should understand that all gpu miners are aware of this coin and will jump on board when it sails. That is what happened to ethereum, and what makes ethereum so interesting is that it brought so much more miners onto it. There is shortage of gpu’s on most supplier I contacted. Imagine all that new and old cards pointed to this coin. Its going to be a wild ride. Good luck to us all.

I think that if the entire ethereum network switched over, we’d be looking at approximately 8.5 MH/s

With that in mind, I think we’ll be looking at our first minor plateau in difficulty rises at around 3.4MH/s

Where it goes from there depends on whether the worlds wallets vote with ZEC.

200,000 GPUs currently mining on Ethereum would mean 5,000,000H/s on Equihash with an average of 25H/s per GPU.

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Hey all

The Game ends tomorrow !!!

Best time to guess the network hashrate on dec 1st, 2016

Reminder of the rules:

  • Who gets the closest of the ZCash network hashrate on december 1, 00:00am GMT, wins.
  • You cannot place anymore bets after genesis block is mined.
  • NEW: I will pay a beer in ZECs to the winner of the game on december 1st :smiley:

Place your bets :beer: :beer: :beer:

Given the recent open source developments and absurd coin valuation, I multiply my bet from 50KHs to 5MHs (edit: actually 5.1MHs to differ from trolloniex)

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my P&L estimates

9.987 MH/s 1/12/2016 — updated
13.903 MH/s 31/12/2016