What global hashpower you expect actually?

~50KH/s on the launch
~2.5MH/s after ~1 month
~5MH/s on the new year

What’s your guess for december 1st @iCimo ? :slight_smile:

9.987 MH/s 1/12/2016 — updated :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Seems around 200.000 / 25 gpu migrates from etherminer pool since yesterday

What’s the zcash current global hashpower.? Tknx

23,874,198 Sol/s right now at block height 11108

Tknx radix42, so now to not bother you anymore with this question .what
website, social media site can I go to in order to find this information
for future reference.

The most popular Zcash block explorer right now, https://explorer.zcha.in has it on their front page!