What is BabyZoe? how can I find out more information on BabyZoe?

I found this very interesting when browsing over the Zcash github page:

Baby ZoE - first step towards Zerocash over Ethereum

We’ve created an Ethereum contract: zoe/contract/

now I am very interested in learning how ZCash is going to work along with Ethereum… from the Ethereum + ZCash video I watched I learned that ZCash is going to work with Ethereum, but do not remember learning about any details…

is there more info now?


Also this…

interesting, my eyes are a bit sore and ill probably pass out soon lol

Equihash PoW used in Zcash, making a BTC Relay - style SPV client possible on Ethereum""

but yes i would like to learn more about this and what it all means

There is various cross-fertilization between Zcash and Ethereum…Vitalik Buterin is an advisor to Zcash, and hired Zooko’s Least Authority to do a security audit of Ethereum (where they found the flaw that was later used for the DAO hack, but they didn’t pay sufficient attention to the results, doh!). And an Ethereum Core Dev sent me a patchset that help me finish my port of Zcash to Mac.

Buterin has stated that Ethereum are going to try and shoe-horn zkSNARK based privacy into Ethereum, but I don’t know how well such a retrofit will work. Various side-chain type things where you move ZEC onto the Ethereum chain are possible, and I hear in the works by some (don’t have links in front of me, unfortunately), too.

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sounds interesting, i heard buterin plans to impliment 0-knowledge proofs, but yeah more details would always be interesting to hear from both Z-cash and Ethereum