What is this JoinSplits in zcash.blockexplorer.com?

hi guys

I wonder how can I make a “JoinSplits” transaction and pls somebody explain this… because I don’t get it (and yes I google it and also read zcash website)

only when I use ShapeShift and when I get zcash from mining (I also mine …for fun :P) I see the JoinSplits and is for T addresses

I use winzec and coinomi

thank you

why all the transaction have No JoinSplits ? for example in this block

I do remember to to see some transaction have have 3 joinSplits some time ago (or maybe was for another coin)

JoinSplits are only created when shielded values are involved, so that’s everything other than a Bitcoin style t->t transaction.

There is a good overview here: Is my understanding of how Zcash works correct?

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