What is zfnd.org?

Does anyone have information about the ZCash foundation (see: https://zfnd.org/) ??

Is this a legitimate group?


In the zfnd website, try (besides the front page) /about, /foundation-governance, / news
What can’t you find?

Alert: Before posting this, I just noticed that my old bookmarks to https://z.cash.foundation/ no longer redirect. This redirect is important. It is how I myself found zfnd.org via my bookmarks, years after I had last accessed the site. What happened? The Internet Archive observed its last non-redirected snapshot on 2019-01-15; it first saw the redirect on 2019-01-21, and last saw the redirect on 2022-01-28. I know that the redirect was active a few months after that, but I do not recall exactly when.

IMO, it is wise to seek pointers from trusted sources. Anyone can set up a website with totally fake /about, /foundation-governance, etc. pages claiming some association with Zcash. Moreover, cryptocurrency is generally rife with phishing copies of legitimate sites. A site in itself cannot be trusted as the sole source of its own identification.

That said, as @ambimorph pointed out, a trail of links leading from here to there is not difficult to find. My first thought was that perhaps OP may have been using Tor, but that seems unlikely in the context.

Those are different sites, operated by different entities. Lemme know if you can’t find anything specific.

I’ve never used Tor. I am wondering if zfnd.org this is a legitimate organization, as i found it on the “Foundation” link on https://zlend.cash/, a platform primarily involved with ZEC and offers staking, mining and lending. Is Zlend.cash platform also legitimate?

Zlend.cash is not legitimate and we are in the process of taking it down as mentioned in the other thread. They linked to the Zcash Foundation to legitimize their scam website.


The redirect should work now.

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OK, thank you. I am not able to withdraw funds from their platform.