ZLend.cash Platform (Scam Alert)

Does anyone have familiarity with the following platform?

  Also:  https://zlend.cash/about

It markets itself as a platform for mining, staking and lending and primarily deals with ZEC. Their Lending part (And: Lending - Zlend) says they can offer 0.85%+ DAILY interest,.

However, outside their website I cannot find any references to them.

I would be interested in knowing other folks experience with this.

Thank you!

Looks extremely shady, and I personally wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.

They also might be in violation of some Zcash trademarks.



Zcash “staking” is extremely suspicious.


They are in violation and an enforcement action has been in progress for some time. Big red flags with this one and we’re doing what is required to take it down.


OK, thank you. If anybody has more specifics as to what type of enforcement is ongoing that would be helpful, as well as any suggestions for dealing with challenges with that organization.

The website is in violation of the Zcash trademark so we are taking action to take down the site. The action is necessary to both enforce the trademark and to protect ZEC holders.

Unfortunately all signs (including the stock photos used for “staff” and staking services) point to a scam.


OK, thank you. What can I do to help inform others? I have lost a considerable amount of funds to these people

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I am sorry to hear you were affected by this. My advice to you and others is if there is a service you are interested in using but are unsure of the legitimacy come to the forum beforehand to get community feedback.

Thank you. They apparently have HQ in Antwerp and near Copenhagen. Any idea of the regulatory and criminal investigative government organizations that might be applicable?

I would be curious what action you are able to take. Since this zlend.cash is essentially a website, I am not sure that any contact information on it is very valid. How can you proceed? This poses a challenge for me as well.

We have multiple options for taking down websites and securing control of trademark infringing URLs, generally via the website hosting platform used by the infringing party, but in every case we only talk directly with the website owner/admin if they dispute our trademark infringement claim. In my experience, even in the case of a disputed action, the communication with the offending party is only via email and, of course, they can hide their real identity. I’ll DM you a few resources so you can see how this works (and maybe you can dig up some actionable information).

In this specific case the offending party hasn’t yet disputed our takedown notice so no contact information has been received.

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Thank you kindly. Of course in my case, if that site does get taken down then that will have locked in losses that I have incurred that are quite substantial.

Would appreciate chatting with you more via DM.