Where can I exchange my zcash for btc?

Where can I exchange my zcash to btc? I was using Changelly but now they don’t accepted it anymore. I cannot use Shapeshift because it is banned in my state. And I don’t like coinbase. You cannot trust them.

What??? 20 characters crap.

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any crypto exchange that accepts Zcash

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If you actually read my post you would seen that Shapeshift is banned in my state and many other states. And not trusted.

I typically use Cryptonator.com

www.shapeshift.io I use it …very fast and maybe secure …you can use tor …
I exchange all my Zcash because I don’t like the ideea that zCash support asic … so ADIOS !

Seems you cannot read,

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I can read and I also readthe edit version of a post

What edited version of my posts? I don’t see any. And I did not edit any of my post in this thread!

I was referring about this - YouTube (see the video and you will understand )
you don’t edit it…somebody else from Zcash edit a post :slight_smile:

Imo kraken is the most trustable exchange …

The Zcash Foundation has announced that it will make maintaining ASIC resistance an “immediate technical priority”
Zcash has never supported ASIC since its creation. Zcash will fork! Probably one of the most respected coins with regards to remaining ASIC FREE!

nope, they will investigate and decision will be more likely taken by zcash co, not the foundation. As we can see zokoo already set his thought about ASIC even before the debate begin, and we never know that the adhoc team there not sharing the same vision as zokoo or not. so i will say that fork chance is still slim for now.


use changer . com exchanger