Why don't we have decentralized mining pools yet?

It’s clear the pools are really centralizing any network.
Who can comment, is it possible to implement decentralized mining pool? So it could automatically reward the miners in the way like usual pools. I guess it could be implemented “inside” the currency or it could be based on some kind of contracts system like ethereum.

It’s quite surprising actually. With all that talks about “decentralized currency bla-bla-bla”, not a single one have decentralized peer to peer mining in its ideology. Why can’t it be so that reward is distributed between all the miners providing computing power for the system? You know, not like some lottery.

Why can’t it be so that the whole network is one huge p2p mining pool?

Forgive me if the questions are stupid. :smile_cat:

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I’m not following… Are ‘we’ agitating for centralisation or decentralisation?

Not ‘we’, every one tells about decentralisation. But lottery based reward forces miners to go from decentralisation to pools.

What would be a non-lottery approach to adjustable difficulty?

Independent on the difficulty each reward could be divided between all the miners accordingly their contribution.

How much block space would be required to split each block’s reward between all miners?

Isn’t one big pool a centralised model and a single point of failure? Who would be responsible for tracking each miner’s contribution? How much overhead and maintenance? How is that compensated?

p2pool was ported to some altcoins. I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t work with zcash.

I agree there are a lot of questions. And I’m not ready to answer all of them.
But on example of Ethereum I see how is easy to manipulate network that is centralized because of big pools.
And as I understand anyway most of calculations are for difficulty and this difficulty (and other waste of resources) is a value, nothing bad if calculations will be more useful.

It would be possible to have N parallel subsets of miners for each block, where N is an arbitrary number. By setting N to the number of blocks per day, then after M cycles, N*M accounts could be paid out the accrued amounts, but still limiting the blockchain space used to be one payout per block.

The harder problem is how to deal with all the extra bandwidth needed to fairly score the mining by each account. PoS would be far easier than PoW for this, not that it would be any easy thing