Solo pool needed .......?

I wonder if Someone would build a solo pool like ones they have for Bitcoin or litecoin?

Hi @Jason-1978,

we are currently working on a solo mining pool for Zcash:
It is still in development, but should be fairly stable as we mined multiple blocks with it already. We will have an official announcement in few days when we finish all testing.



That would be interesting!

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@bkolobara hows about the solomining pool? Maybe i can help in some matters :slight_smile:

Is solo mining profitable? I guess one has to gamble on luck finding a block!?
Poolmining offers a more steady income, doesn’t it?

Exciting !!!

Definitely! If you don’t have strong hashing power you are just playing the lottery by solo mining. Of course this can be exciting and attractive for some small miners, finding a block gives you a big payout.

If you would prefer predictable income you should join a normal pool.

Solo mining is great if you rent a lot of hashing power from nicehash when the price is ok and difficulty low so you can get a payout fast and move your money as soon as possible to an exchange.

1000 Sol/s for a solo pool could be nice atm? xD

With the current difficulty and 1000 Sol/s it would take you on average 2.5 weeks to find a block. This may or may not be acceptable for you.

how much hashrate is minimum for solo mining? and more profitable?

Anybody care to setup lottery pool where people can get together and pool their money for a big nice hash rental and of course split the rewards according to your contributions ?

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Where will you make your announcement?

I will write a post here and probably say something on

Everything should be set up and ready to go over the weekend.

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We are looking to add solo mining support to our pool. What features are you looking for in a solo mining pool?
Do you need any account creation / password protection?

@zedpool check out this btc solo pool this is what I envisioned but who am i ?? Its only what I’ve seen. I do believe it’s open source?

In my opinion solo mining pool should be… at GitHub. In this case every miner who want to mine Zcash in solo will be able to install solo pool software at his local PC to be sure that nobody steals nothing.

BTW, is that possible to mine in solo connecting directly to zcashd?

@Jason-1978 your seem to be unreachable for me. Is this something you are running yourself or is it a hosted service that you use?

Which are you looking for, do you want to have to run your own server to do the mining? What we are thinking is just allowing the solo miners to receive the reward right in the coinbase of the block. We just host the stratum server allowing you to hit something like and do your mining with any off the shelf stratum miner.

try it with only it is a service to connect your miners to if you find a block it is paid out with an small fee to the pool owner. what i want from this is just to gather people to pool funds for large miner rentals and point it at the pool hping to find a block and of course pay out the winnings if we find a block

somebody needs to build a get block template miner from what i understand. you could do this for bitcoin

i fixed the link it was http not https