Why don't we see increases in CPU miners?

There have been significant increases, obviously, in GPU mining. Why is it that we don’t see anyone working to increase a CPU miner? Is it just not worth it?

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Yeh no incentive since they are much slower and dev fee earnings would be small,big change from what was promised from beginning and with older generation GPU mining so fast even faster than latest gen cards in some cases this coin is over mined from day one

Take a look at zdash, not over mind and have potential

A CPU can’t outperform the parallel processing GPU can provide so there is not a lot of room for improvement.

The zcash team has been preparing to change parameter settings or algorithm entirely to prevent the high advantage of GPU and orther specialized mining hardware. Or you can go the way of zorky and jump ship

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then they should have done that from the start, not after tons of people built expensive GPU miners for mining ZCash - it is a little unfair to them. throwing a lot of people under the bus is not a good thing.

Really I have not heard of a change to perimeters to prevent GPU mining of zcash, this sounds interesting can you post any source of the discussion please.

Will have a look @Zorky thanks for heads up

The strategy to change the protocol has at least been in place since August (I have seen mention in May) and the mining requirements and goals of zcash have been around even longer.

I don’t find it unfair at all.

when i skim through that it reads as though they are talking about ASIC miners, not GPU miners, where exactly did you see they have been planing to get rid of GPU miners since August?

AND if they were planing to get rid of GPU miners since August - why have the reward for a GPU miner???

Shawn said: "First of all, they have never said that “Zcash would only be CPU minable”

I said that they plan to reduce the advantage of GPU. And as Shawn says in that post. It is well known that the zcash team plans to change the algorithm to encourage small device mining.

I know one of the proposed changes is to switch to N and K params that would greatly increase the amount of memory needed to run an equihash solution. Some charts show peak mem usage in the terabytes which would make GPU solvers slower since they would have to swap to RAM.

I don’t know if GPU mining will be feasible after changes (a new algorithm may allow for GPU and not all N/K param changes require more mem than a GPU has).

Interesting reading and I wonder if ASIC has been around from beginning,there are some very high hash rates out there and some very large wallets for a coin only weeks old,I have 20 rx 480 and am lucky to earn 0.4 zcash some days, for me at moment I just cover power costs with enough left over to buy my coffee in morning lol seriously sometimes needs done and what didn’t help this coin is every GPU old or new was able to mine fast the older GPU’S are faster than new ones and would seem those investing in new GPU’s for zcash waisted there money

there is nothing preventing large farms from investing in and building ASIC miners - they could take over the blockchain behind ZCash’s back and ZCash would not know the difference.

I asked shawn how they would prevent large chinese farms from doing this - telling him they could not prevent it - i never got an answer

people dont like to answer things they dont want to answer

sounds like mindgene

but seriously, they want mining on mobile devices… and then want to greatly increase the amount of memory needed to run equihash?

sounds like contradicting ideas… a little schizo?

Accept for the increased network hashrate? I think everyone would notice. I would imagine if someone developed an ASIC for zcash that they were well funded to begin with (the Taiwanese Semiconductor isn’t cheap) and they would put that power on the network at decent scale.

Not sure how anyone could “take over” a blockchain without the “devs” noticing. Not to mention the amount of resources it would take to make an ASIC when the devs can easily switch algos is too risky.

by the time they would notice the chain would already be taken over?

and you never answered my other question about the ideas being a bit schizo and contradictory

There are also other algorithms they were working on. I am not a zcash dev but exploring equihash test parameters and setting software goals is far from… schizo

i said mining on mobile devices and wanting to increase the amount of memory is contradictory - a bit of a schizo idea

schizo- , schiz-
Split, cleft, division;

  1. Split;

isn’t it??? its not a split? you can have it both ways"?

im just saying they cant have it both ways

you seem to say they can

can they??

wake up one morning - Mining on Mobile devices!!!
wake up next morning - Increase memory necessity!!

thats schizo, maybe you have a better term to use?

Quoting Zooko "Our goals are to make mining profitable for casual enthusiasts, using hardware that they already own, when it is idle (e.g. your smartphone while it is plugged in overnight). "

Smartphones was just an example and mentioned in a thread post (speculation). I can think of other household computing (old pc’s / tablets) that have higher ram on them that I could use to mine and make GPU’s slow.

i read that, but it does not mean they are going to change it for smartphones… we dont know if they really want mining on smartphones or if that was just said to create something to talk about…

and you still did not answer my question… you avoid it like the plague…

I guess for developers who dont actually develop ANY miners themselves - they can just change it however they want, and depend on others to create miners for their coin …

honestly - people worked hard to create miners for their coin - those people should not be thrown under a bus… i think doing so would drive people away from ZCash

I mean come on, they dont even have a ZCash Windows Wallet yet … if they are already consdiering changing the algo… maybe they need to create priorities - like MAKE A WINDOWS WALLET???

Agree they happy taking 20% of our earnings but give no wallet for windows users, just madness