Why is x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu hardwired into the source code?

Hi Everyone. Please forgive my ignorance here…

I’m browsing the sources, and I noticed x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu is hardwired into things. See, for example, zcutil/build.sh.

I’m wondering why its the case. Is it a policy decision, or is there a technical limitation(s)? Maybe something else?

Would anyone know why that particular tuple is the only tuple allowed?

I don’t actually know but I take that to mean the target for this project is supposed to be generic 64bit x86 - despite the main zcash development currently being limited to particular versions of Ubuntu.

that’s going to be the build target in gnu autoconf terms for any 64 bit linux out there…not having it be hardwired is on the zcashco todo list…my port to mac in my fork does not have it hardwired, for instance, in its build script, but auto-detects it (as does the dependency build system inherited from bitcoin, which makes it ironic that build.sh isn’t just doing “the right thing” already")

I’ve been meaning to send a patch for that upstream to them but haven’t gotten around to it

“x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu” isn’t distro specific, for instance, that’s going to be the target fed to ./configure in any Intel 64 bit using linux distro…the distro specific issues are separate from this