Why is Zcash always syncing?

Why is zcash always syncing ?

I use unstoppable wallet and the ZEC wallet lite . However when i dont use these wallets for a few weeks and open them they spend a lot of minutes syncing. The unstoppable takes almost a day to sync up before it shows a balance and ZEC wallet lite takes several minutes - Why does this happen as I dont have this issue with any other tokens - Is there another way around this issue ?

I notice I dont have this issue with hardware wallets .

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This is specific to Zcash Shielded Addresses because the UTXOs are not public like the other tokens.

Both Unstoppable & Nighthawk Wallet provide Shielded Addresses & use Zcash Mobile SDKs which downloads light blocks & then then “syncs”/searches for your transactions locally which takes excruciatingly long times, especially on mobile CPUs. We are expecting optimizations and faster syncs with the launch of Halo Arc suite of SDKs in the next few weeks.


understood - thanks for the update


You could try ZWallet from here. It has faster sync times.


Thanks , but Id rather skip it and err on the side of caution as its not listed on the official zcash page below

Is there a reason Zwallet is not listed on the official Zcash website or is this an oversight (i.e. whoever maintains the website hasn’t had the chance to update it yet)? It’s a new, fast-syncing wallet that supports shielded transactions and offers other distinct features like the ability to manage individual notes in a z-address, and it appears to have significant community support. Seems to me it should be listed as an option.

Who maintains the Zcash website? Can we please have Zwallet added?

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ECC maintains the Z.cash domain and content. @joshs would know how to update it.

Just to be clear @aalfredo the only “official” Zcash wallet provided by Electric Coin Company is the Linux CLI (Zcashd). All the other wallets listed on that site are provided by third parties. Some are open-source and some are not.


I understand completely. Just to be clear though, sync does not have to take hours/days. ZWallet can sync the entire blockchain for zecpages in less than a minute.

I feel there is a certain level of expectation coming from a listing on the z.cash website though. When someone contacted Naomi Brockwell about why she didn’t mention ZWallet, she replied that she would only consider it after it gets an audit from a third party. It implies she believes the z.cash wallets went through such audits.

Hello everyone! Thank you for the feedback regarding the addition of ZWallet to the Zcash wallet page. At ECC, we do our best to ensure a high degree of quality for all the wallets featured on the official site. As such, we’ve queued a thorough review of ZWallet. We’ll report back in the next ~2 weeks with our findings. In the meantime, please feel free to DM me here or on Twitter with questions.

Cheers ~ CR


Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in doing some security review of ZWallet! I wasn’t able to set aside enough time to do a proper thorough review, but I did read a lot of the code and checked for what I think would be the worst kinds of problems. Here’s the writeup of my results:

Zwallet Cursory Security Review.pdf (57.3 KB)

In summary I only found one issue and I think more security review would be useful. I encourage the community fund a thorough audit of ZWallet perhaps through ZOMG!


This is fixed in v1.1.1



Hi @earthrise, what is the next step now that the issue is fixed?

Sounds like a ZOMG grant to bring in and pay for a thorough audit? This might be the first time this has happened but I know it was a major goal for @holmesworcester to have a continuous stream of safety checks for all the ZOMG associated software…


A thorough audit is always appreciated but shouldn’t it be performed first on ZecWallet or NightHawk Wallet which both already have thousands of users?


I’d like to see thorough audits for all three of these wallets, ideally performed by the same auditor. This is something I’d like the next zomg to be proactive about.

ps Anyone who hasn’t tried Zwallet should try it out. It has some unique features like individual note management. It syncs very, very fast. It also hides your balance when you tilt your phone to show someone your QR code address.



Folks, feel free to continue your audit discussion in another topic I created Grant Idea - Thorough Audits of Zcash Wallets

I think the security review/audit and z.cash listing discussions should happen in its own place as it’s different topic to the original post.


Closing this thread if there’s no other response to the OP.


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