Lite Wallet recommendation for Mac

Hi folks,
I’m trying to find a decent Zcash lite wallet for mac that supports shielded addresses. I’m currently using Zecwallet Lite, but it is extraordinarily buggy to the point of being unusable. Is there anything else out there?

No, there is no alternative at the moment.

What bugs do you experience? The community can help you.

Also, feel free to file bug reports ->

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If you’re running into issues with Zecwallet Lite, I’d love to help fix them. Please file bugs here

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I click… and I wait… and I wait.

Especially if I open another app, then go back to the wallet, then try and choose something from the menu.

Also sometimes after opening the app and after loading everything, it tells me I have no ZEC. I have to select “transactions” from the menu, then go back to the dashboard, in order to see my balance.

Hm, that definitely sounds like a bug. I’m not experiencing that.

How many addresses do you have? How many transactions in total? Perhaps you have hundreds or thousands of transactions that take very long to validate, which I’m sure could be made faster.

Any info that could help investigating it further would be helpful. Thanks!

I have similar issues with a light wallet with new addresses and very little transaction history, seems to stop momentarily and then go again after a couple seconds randomly, also can’t right click the ui have to ctrl-v to paste addys idk

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Thanks for sharing this feedback. I just added a right-click context menu to copy-paste. I’ll make a new release with this update as well.

If you have a way to reproduce the randomly-stuck issue, please let me know,.


When I type out a memo it occurs, let me see what I can do
Running with administrative privs seems to maybe help a little but still pauses, I wonder if its this device as well

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Can you please tell me what version of zecwallet lite and MacOS you’re running? I’ll try to reproduce this.

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I think they are referring to a 3-4 second hang every time a new block is fetched. I see this hang too. During that 3-4 second period, the UI is unresponsive.


@adityapk00 I ran it on the Apple Time Profiler and during the fetching new block period, it appears to be spending the most time here:

  41  79.0  Electron (25676) :0
  40  40.0  Main Thread  0x4d613 :0
  39 Electron Framework 16.0  0x11024faf0
  38 Electron Framework 16.0  0x110244240
  37 Electron Framework 16.0  0x110244070
  36 Electron Framework 16.0  0x11000fa90
  35 Electron Framework 16.0  0x11000d080
  34 Electron Framework 16.0  v8::internal::Heap::CollectGarbage(v8::internal::AllocationSpace, v8::internal::GarbageCollectionReason, v8::GCCallbackFlags)
  33 Electron Framework 16.0  v8::internal::Heap::CollectAllAvailableGarbage(v8::internal::GarbageCollectionReason)
  32 Electron Framework 16.0  v8::Isolate::LowMemoryNotification()
  31 Electron Framework 16.0  0x1116fa500
  30 Electron Framework 16.0  0x1116cd3b0
  29 Electron Framework 16.0  0x1116dd300
  28 Electron Framework 16.0  0x1116dd920
  27 Electron Framework 16.0  0x111739f70
  26 Electron Framework 16.0  0x111675b40
  25 Electron Framework 16.0  0x1117398d0
  23 CoreFoundation 16.0  __CFRunLoopDoSource0
  22 CoreFoundation 16.0  __CFRunLoopDoSources0
  21 CoreFoundation 16.0  __CFRunLoopRun
  20 CoreFoundation 16.0  CFRunLoopRunSpecific
  19 HIToolbox 16.0  RunCurrentEventLoopInMode
  18 HIToolbox 16.0  ReceiveNextEventCommon
  17 HIToolbox 16.0  _BlockUntilNextEventMatchingListInModeWithFilter
  16 AppKit 16.0  _DPSNextEvent
  15 AppKit 16.0  -[NSApplication(NSEvent) _nextEventMatchingEventMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:]
  14 AppKit 16.0  -[NSApplication run]
  13 Electron Framework 16.0  0x11173a680
  12 Electron Framework 16.0  0x111739250
  11 Electron Framework 16.0  0x1116dddd0
  10 Electron Framework 16.0  0x1116b1d40
   9 Electron Framework 16.0  0x110eb7ba0
   8 Electron Framework 16.0  0x110eb9180
   7 Electron Framework 16.0  0x110eb4de0
   6 Electron Framework 16.0  0x110d73030
   5 Electron Framework 16.0  0x110d72f00
   4 Electron Framework 16.0  0x112e87e60
   3 Electron Framework 16.0  0x10ff1c690
   2 Electron Framework 16.0  AtomMain
   1 Electron 16.0  main /Users/distiller/project/src/out/Default/../../electron/shell/app/
   0 libdyld.dylib 16.0  start
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Thanks @anon16456014 and @iwearahoodie. I found and fixed several perf issues, that should significantly increase responsiveness.

I’ll make a new release with it tomorrow.


Available now:

If you run into bugs like these, please let me know, especially if you can find a way to reproduce them :slight_smile:


Hi @iwearahoodie. I found and fixed several more perf issues, which I think you might have been running into. Please update your Zecwallet Lite (to v1.1.6) and let me know if things look a bit better?


Thank you so much.

sorry for not responding, I’m terrible at checking in on forums. The latest version appears to be working well for me. Will keep an eye on things.