Why people here seek GPU mining if algorithm is memory hard?

The proof of work is memory hard. So why people try use GPU so much when they can just invest on CPU with 64 RAM or greater?
I realize that clock speed helps solving Gen. Birthday Problem, but does the advantage between GPU and CPU is so big? I had thought this is what you try to prevent.

Because the most CPUs you can use in one motherboard is one. Two if you go for the expensive Xeon motherboards.

With a GPU you can have 7 GPUS in one motherboard.

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and hash rate, even with ZCash is generally 2 times on a GPU when compared to a CPU of the same price range


I still find this pricing fact interestingā€¦

I had thought that people would run to buy 64GB RAM but it seems that there are more efficient way!

You want to buy 444 cpu cores along with that 64GB to run all the Equihash instances you can fit in thereā€¦

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